11-14 October 2017

English spoken




Hemato-Oncology Symposium

Wednesday 14/10: Wellcome cocktail

Thursday 15/10: breakfast together, Holiday-Inn; symposium 8.00 hr-15.30 hr

Friday 16/10: breakfast together

symposium: 8.00 hr-15.25 hr

Saturday: 17/10: Health issues on Aruba in the presence of minister of health: Dr Alex Schwengle: prevention/vaccination, palliative care and radiotherapy

Symposium on our beautiful Aruba

Overview symposium PROGRAM


Thank you, the first was a great success!! We will reconvene in two years.

More than 30 speakers from all over the world will attend and present.
Thank you !!

NIV;    16 pts (internal Med, Oncology, Hematology)

NVVH: 14 pts (Surgery), Radiotherapy: 16 pts, pathology: 16 pts

Gynaecology: 15 pts, Urology: 16 pts.

General Physicians: 5-6-4(Saturday) pts; Whole congress: 15



Accreditation (GAIA-BIG): 16 CME-points: Internal medicinemedical oncology, hematology); 14 pts: Surgery, 16 pts: Radiotherapy, 15 pts: Gynaecology and ?? pts: Urology.

General physician: 4 pts (Saturday), ?? pts (whole symposium). pts are automatic credited

Other colleagues attending the symposium will receive a certificate of attendance.


This unforgettable  symposium has been made possible by the generous gifts of various sponsors

Thank you !!

The symposium is situated in the Holiday-Inn hotel along the beaches of the beautiful island Aruba.

 After an intensive program you have the afternoon and the evening to socialize with collaegues coming from the Netherlands, USA, Aruba, Curacao, Surinam and other Caribbean islands.